The Movie "Signs" (the history of the film, actors, and backroung info)

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ENGLISH VERSION The title of the movie is. The main characters are Mel Gibson as Graham Hess (father and a priest), Joaquin Pheonix as Merrill Hess (brother of Graham), Rory Culkin as Morgan Hess (son of Graham) and Abigail Breslin as Bo Hess (daughter of Graham). The setting takes place on a sweet home and its corn field in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. The wife of Graham and the mother of Morgan and Bo had passed …

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…and that's why she always said the water was always contaminated. At the end when they finish fighting the alien, they go outside to give Morgan Fresh air and his medicine, before something worse would happen. In a couple of minutes, Morgan becomes conscious and the rest of the family was relieved that everything was now over. The family then learns to have fun and believe in they're faith, for God was what saved them.