The Movie Industry Analysis

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Introduction The Movie Industry is one of the most exciting and informative business in the world, a business where the revenue of a single feature film can approach or exceed $1 billion. In 1994, U.S. consumers spent over $6 billion on movie tickets and another $34 billion on cable TV and video purchases and rentals. In 1996, worldwide gross revenues generated by motion pictures in all territories and media (including music and ancillaries) amounted to over $40 billion. These figures …

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…their technology division and should focus in that arena. They remain on the technological edge and could possibly gain the leading position within that market. With emphasis in the Research and development division the possibility of new market share is endless. Works Cited: 1. Gunther, Marc. "The Rules According to Rupert." Fortune October 26, 1998 issue 2. Family Motion Pictures - Industry Statistics 3. Jaeger, James. "The Movie Industry."