The Mouse vs. the Wolf.

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The Mouse vs. the Wolf. A short story by Tommy Leonhardsen As you may know, I don't live in the most domesticated parts of our country, but rather far out in the fields, as they say. Out here, there is a plethora of animals, wild and domesticated. This is the story of when our dog, Yak, meeting one of them. Yak was born and raised at our farm, so he is more or less used …

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…on the road, and went running for the fields. Yak protectively by its side. "Yak, the Protector" he seemed to believe. The mouse supposedly believed something entirely different. Finally they approached a tree sticking up from the snow, and the mouse disappeared down its trunk. Yak looked confused after the mouse, before he with a dogs stoicism, said to himself: "There will be other mice." Whereupon he lifted his foot and urinated on the trunk.