The Most Successful Revolution

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The Most Successful Revolution Irving Kristol In his brilliant analysis of the American Revolution, Irving Kristol provides a thorough explanation of the reasons behind the Americans' revolt. By focusing on revolutionaries such as George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and Thomas Paine, he contradicts many of today's American citizens who have certain misconceptions about the Revolution. Kristol's focus in this article is primarily that of "reexamining" the American Revolution. He takes a rather interesting approach …

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…was also about the molding of our political institutions into what they are today. Although Kristol contradicts himself in a few places (i.e. "We seem to be prompt to declare that the Revolution was a success only when it permits us to assert glibly that we have subsequently failed it."), he nonetheless does an accurate job in persuading the reader of what he believes to be the real reasons for American Revolution. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**