"The Miracle Worker" By William Gibson.

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Annie's Positive Influence On Helen, Captain Keller, Kate, and James         This essay displays Annie Sullivan's positive influence on Helen, James, Kate, and Captain Keller from the book The Miracle Worker by William Gibson. The Miracle Worker is a story that shows the strength and power of human will and its ability to triumph over the most devastating handicaps. During the course of the story Annie Sullivan makes extensive changes in the lives of the members …

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…towards themselves. Annie greatly improved their family life, and without her, the Keller's would have been lost and desolate. But now that Annie has reconfigured Helen's life they can live in peace and Helen can communicate properly instead of the alternatives of tantrums and smashing objects. Without Annie not only Helen's life towards her family would be different, but James's attitude towards his father would not have changed either. Annie is a true miracle worker.