The Millenium Force

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Millennium Force The Millennium Force is located in Sandusky, Ohio at “Americas Roller Coaster Park”, Cedar Point. Standing at 310 feet tall and traveling at speeds up to 92 mph it is the tallest and fastest roller coaster in the world. It is said to be the first giga-coaster or the first to break the 300 ft tall barrier. The 25 million dollar coaster has a team of 120 workers building it, and will be open to ride May 13, this …

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…Statue of Liberty. Other interesting facts about it, is it would take 744 cans of Pepsi stacked one by one on top of one another to reach the height of the coaster, and traveling at speeds of 92 mph it breaks the legal speed limit for most states, which is 65, by 27 mph. The Millennium Force sets the standards for all coasters to come and I hope some day I get to ride it. Bibliography