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In Euripides play, "The Medea", Medea is an example of a women who suffered from her stolen innocence. She is a princess from the non-Greek land of Colchis. The outcome of her trials with her husband Jason has caused her to become the powerful, barbarian like women she portrays in the end of the play. Medea's memory of her young naïve self evokes her lost identity that leads her to her eventual ruthlessness. The …

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…abused it. She gave up everything she had, for what she thought was unconditional love. She got a rude awakening when Jason divorced her and took another bride. Because of Jason, she has done the most unforgivable act; she has murdered her own children merely For the satisfaction that Jason would be upset. It is evident throughout the story that she has become the personification of revenge and will stop at nothing to get it.