The Medals of Halo.

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Intro: As you may know, has some of the medals posted on their site. They do not have all the medals though. So this small FAQ is just to help fill in those gaps. I have tested out and personally proved every of the following to exist. If you feel that I have missed a secret medal somewhere along the line, my email can be found at the bottom of the page. Please …

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…a clan of level 11. That's the only other way. Q: What's up with the lack of updates? A: There hasn't been anything to put. No one has mailed me any useful info. Q: I got kills by "The Guardians", what the heck does that mean? A: In a nutshell the forces of nature can kill you, it is rare, and does not count against you, only in deaths. It creeped me out the first time.