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The Maycomb Tribune “The Trial of Tom Robinson” Maycomb was a quite old town. Nothing really happened in maycomb, Alabama until the one incedent where tom robonson was accused of raping Mayella Ewell on November 21, 1931.The trial began on august 21, 1932. Atticus Finch was asked to be the lawyer of Tom Robinson by Judge Taylor and Mr. Gilmer was the proceuter of the state on behalf of Mayell Ewell I am now going to discuss the …

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…him out of there. He saw Bob looking in the window and he heared that Bob ewell was going to kill her. Atticus asked him if he harmed Mayella Ewll in any way and Tom said he did not. Mr Gilmer asked him if jhes is styrong enopugh choke herand he said yes. Mr gilmer also asked why did he do all thnis work for her and he said that he felt sorry for her.