The Massacre at Tiananmen Square

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The Massacre at Tiananmen Square It was a bloody massacre. The Massacre of Tiananmen Square, in Beijing, China, that is. It was boycott against the government. The people wanted freedom. They wanted democracy. They wanted to know why Hu Yaobang was dismissed in January 1987 ( Chronology Page 1). They were angry that students who wanted to know why he was dismissed were arrested (Inside China Today, Part One).All these facts were reasons for the …

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…tried to negotiate, but that didn't work. They enforced martial law, but that was a joke to the people (Inside China Today, Part Three). The people were warned. They shouldn't have kept protesting. Also, they were trying to change something that would be very hard to change. For sure there were other people who favored communism who would have went on strike if it changed to a democracy, which would pretty much be impossible anyway.