The Massachusetts Puritans and their Covenant Government

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Covenants and contracts are all around us—some serious, some not so serious. In the seventeenth century, a particular group of colonists, the Puritans, made covenants a part of their daily living. They took the voyage to the “New World” as a way of escaping religious intolerance, with the hope of establishing a sacred, God-fearing community. A covenant was necessary in almost every facet of life- social, economical, and theological. “A central element in Puritan …

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…avoid exploiting their neighbors while to poor were to labor attenti! vely. As one can see, these early settlers had a profound impact on American ideals and principles. America is the land of possibility. If one has the will and the drive to succeed, with the persistence to overcome hardship, we all have the opportunity to do so. The Puritan covenant contributed to our country’s sense of mission, work ethic and morals. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**