The Masque Of Red Death

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The Masque Of Red Death. A virus had come. It killed all that it touched. No one could survive, the red death. Nothing had ever been like it. Sharp pain dizziness and bleeding at the pores where its signs. When prince Prospero’s town was half dead he called on “a thousand hale and light hearted friends among the knights and dames of his court." He called them into a castle. Guarded with a metal …

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…he did not know what to do. ”Who dares” he said.” Unmask him he ordered." Prince Proostro with a drawn dagger rushed at the man. They entered the 7th chamber. the dagger dropped to the floor with the prince.” then a throng of revelers at once threw them selves into the black room." They gasped in horror as they found their prince. One by one the revelers died. With there death died the ebony clock.