The Man Of Steel

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I am a person who believes that all people should be treated fairly. I believe in the freedom of thought, the freedom of religion, the freedom of speech, but most of all the freedom to control ones own destiny. During his dictatorship Joseph Stalin stripped his people not only of freedom of thought, religion and speech, but of many other rights as well. Although Joseph Stalin managed to bring about great changes in a very …

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…freedoms that he, himself has cost. Bibliography Krieger, S. Larry, Neill, Kenneth, Jantzen, L. Steven, WORLD HISTORY: Perspectives on the past, D.C.Health and Company, 1992 Howarth, Tony TWENTIETH CENTURY HISTORY: the world since 1900 USA, Longman inc, New York Cavendish, Marshall “Stalin.” The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Knowledge, 1978 ed. Volume 19 Stalin, Joseph-Another View of Stalin, online, Russia, online,