The Magic Barrel

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Who else from any Jewish - American authors can translate Yeddish for the American readers so colorfully and honestly? Who else can represent the reality of Jewish life with love and light irony? This is Bernard Malamud, who was born in family of Russian - Jewish immigrants. He found his characters in real Jewish community. That is why the tone and style of "The Magic Barrel" are so unmistakable and truthful. Through two main characters …

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…matchmaker. It was Stella Salezman, the fallen angel. But these details did not interest him. He felt in love. He was happy and full of hopes again. He thought that even sky helped him, and he saw candles in the sky. Analyzing Leo's fate we can see the grate power of love. It looks like God wants us to be able to love and helps us if our hearts are open for this wonderful feelings.