The MIddle Ages

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The Middle Ages rose out of the ashes of the Roman Empire. The Pagan religion was under threat from the huge up rise in Christian followers. Christianity quickly became a standard religion with churches, Bishops, officials such as the Pope, and most importantly the cathedrals, which were strongly influenced by the virgin mother Mary. Chartres Cathedral in France is one as such; it is of high magnitude, known for its architecture, sculptures, stained glass windows …

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…the Middle Ages and of the early Christian church was one of the disciplines which contributed to the greatness of Chartres Cathedral. The chant was not used as entertainment, but as a practical form of religious worship. Sculptures, painting, architecture and stained glass also contributed to the religious magnificence of Chartres. These disciplines depicted the Virgin Mary, Christ, saints, and other important figures and values of the Middle Ages, throughout the entirety of the Cathedral.