The Longest Memory by Fred D'Aguiar

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The Longest Memory by Fred D'Aguiar is a compelling and tragically poignant novel set in Virginia, 1810. The unique, fragmented narrations with its ironies and bigoted criticisms lurking in the words of many presents a definite ethical vision in which the reader commiserates with the suffering and feels contempt for the savage. The calamity of the story and also its main ironic element centres on an old, veteran slave Whitechapel. He inadvertently causes the death of …

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…The Longest Memory is clearly an in-depth novel, which deals with issues of slavery, human suffering and tragic love, elaborated with the use of ironies to explain the moral vision. The admirable qualities of dignity and tolerance expressed by the slave characters undermine all prejudices to prove how slaves have been unfairly treated. As a result, the audience sides loyally with the slaves and recognises many actions of the slaves as extraordinary feats of intrepidity.