"The Lion in Winter" by John Goldman.

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The Lion in Winter Parental roles in a child's life are one of the most important things in the world. Without a positive mother and father figure, adolescents can grow up to be chaotic and muddled, which is seen between the three boys in John Goldman's The Lion in Winter. Written in 1968, The Lion in Winter portrays the story of King Henry II and his struggle with his wife and his three sons Richard, Geoffrey, …

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…The personalities and characteristics each one of the boys embodies are directly related to the roles of the parents that raised them. John Goldman's five main characters, who are all very different in personalities, are combined beautifully to create The Lion in Winter. The conflicting qualities between Henry and Eleanor develop three very different characteristics between the brothers. It is clearly seen that the relationship each parent had on their children unequivocally molded their persona.