The Life and Works of Sigmund Freud

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The Life & Works of Sigmund Freud (1856-1939) Introduction Sigmund Freud; Probably the most influential activist in the realm of the study of the mind, Psychology; An influence so great that his works, ideologies and theories alike have imposed themselves upon the minds of many in this, the twentieth century, regardless of our acceptance or futile resistance. He was responsible for the articulation of theories and concepts of which everyday individuals do not even know he …

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…innovative and creative perceptions and thoughts and should in fact seek to see how we can abstract good and gain a greater understanding of behaviour; not only of others but most importantly, ourselves. References Dr. Shurland Kellman, Class Lectures & notes, Barbados Community College, 1999. B. R. Hergenhahn, An Introduction to Theories of Personality, Prentice Hall Inc.,1994 Whyte, L.L. The Unconscious Before Freud. Basic Books, 1960. Dr. Stephen P. Thornton, Sigmund Freud, The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy,1999.