The Life and Works of Gottfried von Leibniz

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The Life and Works of Gottfried von Leibniz Gottfried von Leibniz, born on July 1st, 1646, was a German philosopher, as well as a mathematician, a universal genius, and a founder of modern science. He foresaw the development of symbolic logic and, unconnected with Isaac Newton, invented the calculus with a superior notation, including the symbols for integration and differentiation. He expressed a theory of substance based on monads, which were metaphysical and animistically bestowed points …

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…Leibniz's most important works are the Essais de Theodicee (1710; Eng. trans (1951), in which much of his general philosophy is found, and the Monadology (1714; trans. as The Monadology and other Philosophical Writings, 1898), in which he stated his theory of monads. His work was put in order and modified in the 18th century by the German philosopher Christian Wolff. Altogether, the life and works of Gottfried von Leibniz was an essential part to the mathematics of today.