The Life and Times of Henry VIII

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Book Review Robert Lacey’s The Life and Times of Henry VIII was first published and copyrighted in 1972 by Weidenfeld and Nicolson. This most recent edition was published by Welcome Rain in 1998, though Weidenfeld and Nicolson still hold copyright privileges. Lacey, a former scholar at Bristol Grammar School and Selwyn College at Cambridge, is most noted as a historical novelist. More of his works include Robert, Earl of Essex, an Elizabethan Icarus and the internationally …

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…Henry VIII is undeniable, but he did not use his powers as king where they were needed most. In spite of his pursuit for self-gratification, King Henry VIII does take responsibility for raising the English monarchy to a point it would never succeed again. I, in addition to many historians, could continue to criticize the reign of Henry VIII, but without the reign of Henry VIII, noble England would not be what it is today.