The Last Days of Socrates - an unlawful execution

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Socrates, considered by many historians as the greatest mind to ever live, spent his final days under the false accusations of the law. These accusation were that Socrates was not worshipping the gods of the popular ancient culture, and was also corrupting the young with his constant questioning of the truths of other philosophers. Socrates defended himself under the eyes of the court, and proved to all through reason that the accusations of the court …

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…the futility of democracy, but their could also be a third option that I believe may be true. Perhaps Socrates wanted to be remembered forever. Maybe fame after death was his motive. Whatever the case, Socrates was wrong, and did not help others in the end, only himself. His death, did however, make him famous, but at what cost? Let us hope he chose the right thing to do, and his life was not wasted.