The Korean War

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The Korean War The Korean War was in all reality one of America's most significant conflicts. As time goes on, though, people seem to dismiss it, ans now we call it the "forgotten war." That is the reason that I decided to write a report on it. Not many of my teachers have ever tought me about the Korean War is so often forgotten is that from the very start of the war, the coflict …

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…war came to an end, the Air Force Secretary, Thomas K. Finletter declared, "Korea was a unique, never-to-be-repeated diversion from the true course of strategic air power. Nuclear weaponry, for the next quarter century, dominated U.S. military strategy. By the time the cease-fire agreement was signed, millions of soldiers and civilians had already perished. Korea remained divided for decades since the subject to the possibility of a new war at any time. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**