The Japanese Quince

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The Japanese Quince The Japanese Quince by John Galsworthy is a story about how just because you have success with finance, doesnít mean they are happy with their lives. Mr. Nilson and Mr. Tandram meet because of their interest in this little flower blossom on a tree. The author is telling how people donít need money or ďfruitĒ to be happy. The little flower introduces two men who have lived next to each …

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…of the garden and is amazed by itís joy. The purpose of this story is to tell you things arenít always what the seem. That little tree didnít have financial success but it was happy, or so the men thought. The men didnít seem happy with where they were and the envied the little tree. And they wished they could have the joy the tree had. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography** The Japanese Quince