The Invisible Man A Mask For All Seasons

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As readers of "The Invisible Man," we can all see some part of ourselves reflected in Ellison's character. Throughout the novel, the Invisible man searches for his identity, and for what he can believe in. He goes through many steps, and at each point in his journey, he seems to be wearing a different 'mask.' Each mask carries with it a different persona and set of beliefs with it that all serve to shape …

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…see a true reflection of ourselves, whether or not we, like the Invisible Man, see nothing there. As the Invisible Man takes his journey, we as readers should move with him, and learn from him the problems with constantly changing masks. We must find our own path, and follow it as best we can, or we are only doomed to waft through life like so many snow-flake dandelions being blown on the whims of others.