The Intruder

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<Tab/>There was an intruder in the house. She had been there for some time and Lindsey was starting to become irritated by her presence. She had caught more than just a few glimpses of the intruder. In fact, the other woman was often exactly where Lindsey intended to be. <Tab/>That very morning, the intruder had woken Lindsey up by suddenly snoring loudly. Once awake, Lindsey …

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…happy she felt to be completely alone! <Tab/>Lindsey stormed through the house, searching for the other woman. She found nail scissors, balls of string, mascara and soggy towels, but no intruder. The house was still and quiet. Lindsey scrubbed the bathtub and swept the cobwebs from the windowsill. Her blond curls hung limply around her tired face. She wondered how she justified her laziness... How she could live with herself!