The Interpretation of Dreams

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Many people often wonder why we have dreams and if they even mean anything. In Freud's The Interpretation of Dreams, he claims that dreams are indeed meaningful and the reason why they are is because dreams represent wish fulfillment. In The Interpretation of Dreams Freud goes into specific examples of why dreams convey unfulfilled wishes of the person that is having the dream. Freud's examples are crucial in this work because before it was published …

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…examples. It is here that Freud should move on to the questions unanswered than to ramble on a point that he has already made. Although his research is biased, Freud does a noteworthy job of explaining how dreams can be wish fulfillment. His examples are thourough and detailed, giving the reader knowledge of his theory. Also, Freud poses many interesting questions about the meaning of dreams that at his time had yet to be asked.