The Instability Of Good & Evil in Hamlet.

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Since the dawn of man evil has lurked the world. Whenever evil dominates good and disturbs the balance between the two, the universe becomes a like a wounded animal caught in a poachers trap; it will do anything to break free, even gnaw its own leg off. The universe continuously strives to rid itself of wrong doings, but to do so is near impossible. In Shakespeare's, Hamlet, evil has erupted in Denmark and is in …

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…Denmark, but only temporarily. No one person is completely free of evil, all humans in their subconscious mind have one time or another comes across an evil act. Many will use acts of evil to obtain things or in Hamlets case get revenge for his father's murder. This shows a lot about the world. Anyone or anything is capable of acquiring whatever they please as long as they are willing to sacrifice everything for it.