The Incident vs. Green Gulch

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Reading and Writing for Literary Response In the essay, “Green Gulch” by Loren Eiseley and the poem, “The Incident” by Countee Cullen, a common theme is present. The theme established in both works is “coming to a knowledge of evil.” Both writings are written in first person detached, where the author is reflecting upon an event that occurred in childhood, which may have had a profound impact upon these individuals. Is it possible for children, …

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…an impact on society. People of all ages are goblins, children included. Adults never want to hear that their precious son got into a fight, nor do they believe that their son could do something wrong. In the essay, and also in the poem, the authors’ coming to a knowledge of evil stayed with them until their adult years. They were able to reflect back on their childhood and remember those specific times. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**