The Importance of the Parabola

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The Importance of the Parabola What exactly is a parabola? Well it could quite possibly be the most powerful shape that our world has ever known. It is used in many designs since it is so sturdy and powerful. Countless structures and devices use the parabola and it does nothing but enhance whatever it is used in. What makes it so powerful? Just keep reading and find out. Used in bridges, doors and buildings, the …

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…the broad surface of the parabola and bounce to the receiver. This makes it easy to catch faint sound waves. There are countless ways that we use the parabola and its symmetry and strength. I only named a couple. There will never be a time when the shape of a parabola isn't holding the world together. How could the world evolve and work without this incredible shape. Let's hope we never have to find out.