The Impact of Graphic Art on the French Revolution

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The Impact of Graphic Art on the French Revolution Art has allways been an important part of history. Sometimes it is even able to change or influence history by acting upon public opinion. Many artists of all ages are known for their political involvement. Although it is argued that the most important reason for the outbreak of the French Revolution was the political and economical instability of France during this period, there is place for …

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…the ideals necessary for revolution to take place that the french commoners realised that they are just as important as the emperors and saints. This new idea about the ordinary people's place in the world and its graphic depiction by David were one of the crucial points in the preparation of France for a revolution. SOURCES USED "French Revolution" Britannica Online. "David, Jacques-Louis" Britannica Online. Web Museum, Paris - Jaques-Louis David CGFA - Jaques-Louis David