The House of Bernarda Alba A contribution of NonVerbal Elemants to the play

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The non-verbal elements of a play are crucial in setting the mood and tone of the production. These features subtly provide the audience with important information about the setting of the play and gives insight into the backgrounds and personalities of the characters. The House of Bernarda Alba by Frederica García Lorca is full of vivid nonverbal elements that are essential in portraying exactly what life was like within this household. Colour is very …

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…the bells really are in the town. The House of Bernarda Alba is full of nonverbal imagery that really does set the stage for the play. Without the creative genius of Lorca, who entered these pivotal elements, the play would not have been as effective. It really is important to read a little deeper or watch a little more closely to gain true appreciation for a work such as this. Bibliography No outside sources used