"The Homeless: An Invisible Minority"

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During my first ever trip to Starbucks with my friends, I bought a coffee worth more than five dollars. That is more than some homeless people spend in a week. I spent it all on a drink that I didn't even finish. "There is increasing inequality of incomes and a widening gap between the rich and the poor" (Nunez 367). In our economy some people can afford to buy a five-dollar cup of coffee every day …

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…agree with Wenzel that more research should be done on the homeless. Boydell sees within the homeless the strength of the human spirit as well as "hope and positive outlook regarding the future" that she wishes to study and learn from (36). Although more research of homeless people may raise the awareness of society to their plight, money could be spent more wisely improving and increasing the number of shelters for the homeless as Nunez suggests.