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What is the most well-known fact about the Holocaust? Many would answer this with, "The Nazis killed six million Jews." People might be amazed with this tragic fact, but itís hard to comprehend each individual death. In order to better understand this atrocity we must put ourselves on a more persona level with the victims. We can do this by reading personal accounts or by talking with survivors of the Holocaust. Hitlerís many …

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…permanently. Hair coloring was also tested, the objective; to be able to genetically change one's hair and eye color to make them appear as the perfect Aryan. Others include blood transfers from one twin to another. Bizarre psychological tests-to measure mental endurance. Small children were isolated in small, cage-like rooms either by themselves or with their twin. Some would be exposed to certain stimuli while their reactions were recorded. Horrible surgeries, murderous operations (Feig, 50-60).