The History of Tattoos Before 1500

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Tattoos are a popular, common, and moderately well accepted form of art and self-expression in modern society. Tattooing has been practiced among people for an amazingly extended amount of time; archaeologists have found evidence of tattoos that dates as far back as 15,000BC. Tattoos have served many functions throughout history and in different cultures. They have been used as decoration, for punitive and religious purposes, to mark whom a slave's owner was, as well as …

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…clothing. It is thought that these tattoos could have possibly had a therapeutic purpose. People of different cultures have used tattoos for many things throughout history. As punishment, as decoration, for religion, to mark ownership of slaves, to mark prisoners of war, as well as to mark a person's occupation, and status. Although tattoos serve fewer purposes and carry less meaning today, tattooing is an art that has continued into the modern day and proliferated.