The History of Mummification

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Though 4650 BCE to 395 BCE the Egyptians developed a scared tradition of preparing the body for the afterlife. Mummification was originally meant for the Pharaohs and Kings. However, as time went on more and more people were being prepared to enjoy their afterlife. It all started with the Egyptians of the early Predynastic Period. They did not artificially attempt to preserve the body as the Egyptians did in the later time periods. The deceased, wrapped in …

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…though it took the Egyptians almost 3000 years to develop a successful way to artificially mummify, they certainly perfected it. Many ancient kings and Pharaohs have been found, perfectly preserved in their tombs. The next question is: Did the embalmers prepare them well enough for admission into the afterlife? The only people who can answer that question would be the dead who went though mummification, and they are certainly not around to tell us the answer.