The Hisotry of Animation

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Animation went through so much to get to where it is today. When animation first began, it took a room full of artists drawing a single cell a day, when today a short animated film can be done in a day, with the help of today's technology and software. Although you may think that animation is at it's very best, it is changing very rapidly with the use of new computer software, better graphics, and …

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…of art in history. It is continuously changing with time and technology. It is a field that can entertain and touch hearts by telling a story or making you laugh, and even be used for educating people. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography** Work Cited "Animation" Encarta Encyclopedia CD-Rom 1999 ed. Haas, John. Masters Of Animation. Topsfeild. MA: Salem House Publishers, 1987. "Motion Picture" World Book Encyclopedia 1975 ed. Soloman, Charles. Enchanted Drawings: The History Of Animation. New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 1989