The Heroic Similaties if John F Kennedy and Beowulf

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English 12 10/18/99 The Heroic Similarities of John F. Kennedy and Beowulf A Hero is defined as, “ A man admired for his achievements and noble qualities.” (Marriam-Webster Dictionary, 1999) It’s the best word to describe mythological character Beowulf, and 35th U.S. President John Fitzgerald Kennedy. Beowulf was a honorable man, who reigned as kind and the strongest warrior throughout land. J.F.K. charmed the U.S. with wit, kindness, and bravery. John F. Kennedy and …

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…memory of J.F.K. still exists with every American. Proving these men are surely heros. While each accomplished heroism in their own way, they share the same qualities. A quote once said by John F. Kennnedy, best describes how each man lived their life. “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.” ((Conover Hunter, J.F.K. for a New Generation, pg.145) Bibliography Marriam-Webster Dictionary, 1999