The Heroic Code (from the Iliad)

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Often, epic heroes can be characterized the same way. They are portrayed as superhuman beings, possessing strength, physical beauty, and intelligence. These heroes aspired to live by a heroic code that would ensure immortality by keeping their memory alive in the people. Homerís The Iliad shows how the heroic code was ingrained in ancient Greek warriors. In many cases, the Greeks put this code of honor above their own lives. During a battle, Glaukos, …

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…fight at his brotherís side and lead the Trojans to victory. The epic hero embodies certain desirable characteristics that make him a popular leader. The most important of those is the heroís devotion to the heroic code. He must be willing to give his life because it is his destiny. If he is strong in his convictions, then he will be remembered long after death, becoming almost immortal because of his superb deeds.