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The Hall of the Hart Herot, a large, majestic, fictional mead hall, is often the stage for much of the action in the medieval epic Beowulf. Built by the ever giving and wonderful King Hrothgar, it is a monument of Danish morals and ideals. Hrothgar, meaning to live up to his predecessors and to make his people happy and content, "thought of greatness and/resolved/to build a hall that would hold his mighty band …

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…to be strong and lasting, because this is something that they admire. The Danes' major values are courage, loyalty, pride and strength. Herot resembles all of these things. It was built by loyal servants of a nation with much pride. And, it was built to last. Built from whole tree trunks, it's incredible sturdy and will only perish through fire. Herot and all of it's attributes greatly reflect Danish values and morals of the time.