The Halfeaten Brownie

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“THE HALF-EATEN BROWNIE” This story is about my Grandmother. She was the kind of women who played (most) everything safe. She ate all her fruits and veggies and made sure she had all the basic food groups in her meals. She tried very hard to stay healthy. She worried about strange and horrible things happening to her family, especially after all of the recent high school shootings. She worried about my sister Jennie and I …

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…my mom Winnie, because simply put, life is to short not to enjoy a whole Brownie. Yes, it is important to monitor a healthy life style. I think that for me it’s a lesson that every day we awake, life should be treated as a gift. We should take the time to enjoy it, and if you want that “brownie” go for it, because you never know what awaits you around the next corner.