The Gunpowder Plot

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The Gunpowder Plot The Gunpowder Plot of 1605 was a result of the inconsistent policies of King James I toward English Catholics. An attempt to increase toleration for, if not completely convert England back to the Catholic faith, the Gunpowder Plot was a well planned, well funded, but miserable catastrophe for the Catholic church. The plot, which was intended to help with the advancement of Catholicism, set the church back dramatically and established distrust between the …

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…England, but instead it increased national hatred towards Popery, and provoked the Parliament to construct new laws to further oppress Catholicm and Jesuit priests. The Gunpowder Plot turned out to be a disaster for the Catholic religion. It caused hatred and suspicion towards Catholics that would linger in England for decades. The Gunpowder Plot was intended to restore Catholicism to England, but instead made it so this task would be nearly impossible in the future.