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The Gunnysack A collection of stories of the lives of African Asians during de-colonization, The Gunnysack, cleverly illustrates the formation of TANU, the impact of class formations, and the relationship Asians had with the African Nationalist movement during this period. It is the fictional account of one very extended family’s existence in East Africa through a compilation of memories and oral history passed on through generations. The stories took place in the East African …

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…The Gunny Sack a vivid tale of relationships within families, it is a historical manuscript of Asians in East Africa and the development of the African Nationalist movement. Vassanji takes the reader through the journey of one extended families existence as African Asians, while their lives change through the African quest for independence. Vassanji is wonderful as he incorporates the historical aspects of the time while telling a universal account of the relationships of family.