The "Gulf War Syndrome".

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Problem Statement and Background: There are many questions, which must be answered in order to identify some of the mysteries surrounding the Gulf War Syndrome, such as: 1)What environmental factors posed a principal threat to the neurological and musculoskeletal systems? 2) Did the inoculations contribute to the deteriorating health of the veterans? 3) Are the illnesses directly related to the chemical warfare of the Iraqi government? During the Gulf War many veterans were exposed to different types …

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…of underlying illnesses, medical conditions, or other concerns might be related to these self reported conditions. These studies are one of the first population-based epidemiological studies to document that Persian Gulf veterans are reporting more medical and psychiatric conditions than their military peers who were not deployed to the Persian Gulf. These conditions identified in the study appear to have had measurable impact on the functional activity and daily lives of the Persian Gulf veterans.