The Group Theater

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The Group Theatre began as a small company that provided actors and actresses with a means and a location to practice plays. Three people, Harold Clurman, Lee Strasberg, and Cheryl Crawford formed The Group Theatre. The Group Theatre escalated in 1931 and ended abruptly in 1941 – prevailing through the years there were hits, periods of flops, financial straits, depressing inactivity, and spiraling to as glittering of a success as any on Broadway. This story however is also …

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…itself was for the moral and material world—to carry on in such a way that the sense of The Group at its finest and strongest could be transformed to the uses of their own lives. Bibliography Works Cited Clurman, Harold. The Fervent Years. Hearst Magazines, Inc. 1945 Kingsley, Sidney. Ed Nena Couch. Introduction. Five Prizewinning Plays. Ohio State University Press, 1995 “Odets, Clifford.” Britannica Online. Encyclopedia Britannica