The Green Mile

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Stephen King wrote The Green Mile. The Green Mile comes in either the series or one big book. There are six books in the series. The names are 1. The two dead girls. 2. The mouse on the mile. 3. Coffey’s hands. 4. The bad death of Eduard Delacroix. 5. Night journey. 6. Coffey on the mile. The Green Mile is about a man named Paul Edgecombe writing a diary about his life on the mile. The Green Mile is …

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…even though he is scary looking and big he is very friendly. The book goes on about how a normal day on “The Mile” is. The novel is one of King’s better works. Out of ten I rate The Green Mile a 9. After you start reading the novel it gets going and doesn’t stop until the end of the book. Why read a long slow book when you can read The Green Mile?