The Greek Hero vs The AngloSaxon Hero

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The Greek Hero vs. The Anglo-Saxon Hero The hero stands as an archetype of who we should be and who we wish to be. However, the hero has inherent flaws which we do not wish to strive towards. In literature, these flaws are not used as examples of what we should be but rather as examples of what not to be. This is especially dominant in the Greek hero. While the Greek hero follows his …

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…good is often evil. The Anglo-Saxon is content with what is happening and decides to use his power to overcome his conflict rather than his mind. Bibliography Robinson, Norbone, “Gun Control Controversy”, Congressional Digest, May ‘86, pp.144,146 Hertzberg, Hendrik, “Gub Control”, The New Republic, April 10, 1989, pp. 4 Isaacson, Walter, “The Duel Over Gun Control”, Time, March 23, 1981, pp.33 Kinsley, Michael, “Under The Gun”, The New Republic, August 26, 1985, pp.8 Woods, Harold, The Right To Bear Arms, New York, Watts, 1986