The Great migration of African Americans from the South to the North in the 1910s

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Deborah Senouvor 2nd Hour Ms. Bentley Smith Am. History Gt Throughout the early 1900s, the South became known for African Americans like Margaret walker as a "sorrow home". Life was not easy for them. More than two thirds of African Americans were sharecropping farmers who paid the landowners a part of their crops in exchange for rent of their land. Jobs were also scarce and low-paying. Some factories were simply closed to them and they …

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…intimidate blacks, even going so far as to board northbound trains and to attack black men and women to try to force them into returning to the South. Despite the jobs and housing available in the North, the challenges of living in an urban environment were daunting for many of the new migrants. The stream of migrants continued apace, however, until the Great Depression and World War II caused northern demand for workers to slacken.