The Great Masses of People

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What really happened between the years 1933- 1945 in Germany? Many people around the world have wondered about this question. Many people who don’t believe that the holocaust did not occur ask the questions: what proof do we have that say the nazis killed six million people, is there any proof that Hitler ordered the mass extermination of Jews, how can all the bodies be consumed in fire, and what happened to all the ashes …

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…different viewpoints on what happened between the years 1933-1945. Many lies have been told on both the accounts. Writer Mike Stein said, “ Any theory must take into account any relevant observable facts”(Mike Stein, The Nizkor Project: Deceit & Misrepresentation). This is true in any case. If you are trying to prove a point, and someone come to you with true evidence that you can not refute. Than you are not proving any points at all.