The Great Gatsby A Goal Of Corruption

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A Goal of Corruption Wealth, assets, and attaining a superior net worth are the dreams and fantasies of many Americans. The goal to have a better life is pure in essence, but, for those with weak wills and simple minds, this goal can twist their morals and values from a fair-skinned maiden to a withered screeching harpy. F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby is a contemporary novel published in 1925. Fitzgerald shows that material wealth can …

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…Gatsby feels he is above the law, because of his status. In the end, Gatsby also dies because of his corruption. Fitzgerald proves that material wealth can corrupt human beings through his novel. Two characters die because of this corruption; the other is so accustomed to dealing with it that he escapes unharmed. People should not work so hard to gain material wealth for themselves, but they should work as a whole to better humanity.