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The Great Gatsby Doesn’t it always seem as though rich and famous people, such as actors and actresses, are larger-than-life and virtually impossible to touch, almost as if they were a fantasy? In The Great Gatsby, set in two tremendously wealthy communities, East Egg and West Egg, F. Scott Fitzgerald portrays Jay Gatsby as a Romantic, larger-than-life, figure by setting him apart from the common person. Fitzgerald sets Gatsby in a fantasy world that, …

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…He is a person in history that seems make-believe because he was so prestigious. Gatsby is also compared to Hoppalong Cassidy. Both Hoppalong and Gatsby were trying to improve their selves. Gatsby evens has a schedule and “general resolves” that he followed. Hoppalong is remembered to this day because he was a fantasy character like Gatsby. Because of the portrayal of Jay Gatsby in The Great Gatsby he is seen as a larger-than-life Romantic figure.